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Technology Help for Students \ Parents

Students will be issued a clever badge which has a QR code on it.  Students will hold the badge up to their webcam in order to login.  This process will only work on school issued Chromebooks.
If you chose not to get a school issued chromebook, signing into the Chrome Web Browser on a personal computer or laptop is another option.  Using your school email address will give you the ability to download all of your information (saved history, passwords, bookmarks and extensions.)  This is a great way to keep all of this information regardless of which computer you are logging into.  Please note: This is not a necessary step.  If you log into the Chrome browser using your school email account from your personal computer, it will upload all of your saved information to your school account as well.
This video shows students how Google Classroom is organized and functions. For parents, it expalins how parents can receive notifications of their students progress.
Google Meet is a video conferencing tool used for teachers and students to interact in real time over the computer.  This video is a basic tutorial showing how Google Meet works.
Please follow these rules when in your online class Google Meet session,
This video shows the basics of how to use your Google Drive.
This video shows how to use Google Drive to work with files in the Google Classroom Environment.
For additional assistance, please call our Technology Support Line at 505-454-5730.