The Technology Department at the Las Vegas City School district is attempting to provide our students with the latest technology to keep up with the fast pace of today's society. With an adequate ratio of computers-to-students we can teach our students useful things in the hopes of competing with today's job market.
To empower our stakeholders to be globally prepared in a technology driven society while providing and maintaining a robust, reliable, and secure infrastructure that will enhance learning, support instruction, and assist administration.
Technology such as computers, local area networks, and wide area communications offer tremendous opportunities to link the district to the outside world; as such, students, parents, and educators will use information technologies and communication to enhance and expand the traditional role of education in the Las Vegas City Schools district. We believe the basic goal of education has not changed; rather the tools and instructional methods to achieve these goals have advanced dramatically.

We will:
  • Facilitate a communication bridge between school, community and district;
  • Assist with relevant technology training and support;
  • Provide and maintain equipment, software, and upgrades when fiscally possible; and
  • Encourage and promote digital citizenship and skills.
Contact Technology
(505) 454-5730
John Tiernan
Director of Information Technology
Phone (505) 454-5755

Robin Sena
Sytem Analyst/STARS Coordinator
Phone: (505) 454-5703

Lorenzo Aragón
IT Technician
Eric Benavidez
IT Technician
Jeramiah Gouin
IT Help Desk Technician
Maria Sanchez
Public Information Officer