Bilingual Education


Our mission, through a shared responsibility with administrators, teachers, parents, and the community, is to ensure all language learners attain high levels of academic and language proficiency through research-based instructional strategies. Cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced to promote a safe and optimum learning environment. 


The Vision of the Las Vegas City School Bilingual Department is to foster a culture of collaboration from all stakeholders that advocates and ensures educational equity by creating a learning environment that appreciates linguistic and cultural diversity. We envision our students to fluently speak two languages and embrace the Bilingual Education provided to them through dual language, Spanish Immersion, and the Heritage Spanish model.

Program Model Resources

The Dual Language Immersion Model prepares and develops bilingualism and biliteracy in two languages. These heterogeneous classrooms participate in an academic program where the instruction is delivered in both English and Spanish by a certified Bilingually endorsed teacher. Students will increase their academic skills and develop full proficiency in both languages. This bilingual environment will support the development of both languages and enhance the student’s confidence and multicultural understanding.  Las Vegas City Schools provides an enriched curriculum through the Sonrisas program. 

SONRISAS Scope and Sequence

The Heritage model is designed to develop Spanish language skills in speaking, reading, and writing through daily instruction in Spanish. The program is based on an hour of Spanish Instruction focused on language and literacy. All students within the Las Vegas City Schools District will develop vocabulary and concepts through the Maravillas curriculum and learn to develop connections to the language through community, family, or cultural heritage.

Maravillas Kindergarten Scope and Sequence

Maravillas 1st Grade Scope and Sequence

Maravillas 2nd Grade Scope and Sequence

Maravillas 3rd Grade Scope and Sequence

Maravillas 4th Grade Scope and Sequence

 Maravillas 5th Grade Scope and Sequence

The English Language Development model addresses the linguistic and academic needs of multilingual learners. Identified English Learners receive English Language Development direct small group instruction and academic language support within the general education classroom in an elementary setting and additional 50-minute block in the secondary level. Las Vegas City Schools uses the Auténtico curriculum to meet student’s linguistic and academic needs.

Autentico Scope and Sequence.pdf

New Mexico Public Education Resources: 

WIDA Standards

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Instruction

Spanish Language Arts Standards GRADES K-5

Spanish Language Arts Standards GRADES 6-12


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Phone: (505) 454-5710