Employment Opportunities » School Nurse (2023-2024 School Year)

School Nurse (2023-2024 School Year)

School Nurse (2023-2024 School Year)
POSITION: School Nurse

DATE OF POSTING: March 1, 2023

DEADLINE: Until Filled

REPORTS TO: School Principal(s) - Immediate Supervisor

To strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of all children, and promoting an optimal level of wellness for all students and staff. The major focus of school nursing services is to provide the fullest possible educational opportunity for each student by minimizing absence due to illness and injury through prevention, early detection, correction and appropriate referral of health problems.

1. New Mexico School Nurse license by the Public Education Department
2. Current RN license by the State Board of Nursing
3. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (Preferred) or a health related field
4. Minimum of two years RN experience
5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable
6. Valid drivers’ license

1. Comply with the state approved Code of Ethics of the Education Profession and uphold and enforce department/unit rules, administrative directives and regulations, Board Policy, and State and Federal regulations.
2. Maintains up-to-date cumulative health records for schools in the district.
3. Keeps records in order by recording immunization, health, and screening with appropriate follow-up and referrals, and input immunizations records into student database.
4. Assist school personnel in assessing school environment for safety and sanitation purposes, and will report needed repairs or dangers.
5. Serve as a consultant in matters of school health, safety, health education, and sanitary conditions.
6. Reports to parents, school personnel, clinics, physicians, and other agencies on student's health matters with parental consent when indicated.
7. Administer emergency care and first aid for all students and employees in accordance with established first aid procedures.
8. Conduct or arrange for CPR and first aid certification of school personnel.
9. Implement policies and procedures regarding control of communicable diseases in accordance with regulations of the State of New Mexico Health and Environment Department.
10. Authorize exclusion and readmission of students in connection with infectious and contagious and nuisance disease.
11. Call or authorize ambulance in emergency situations, if needed.
12. Supply school with emergency supplies.
13. Plan, implement, and supervise school health screening programs (vision, hearing, etc.) in accordance with state and district requirements and recommendation.
14. Advise teachers and consult with parents on health matters, first aid, and screening.
15. Serve on and/or attend meetings and conferences regarding health services, special education students, and curriculum.
16. Participate in case conferences.
17. Make home visits when the need arises.
18. Serves as a consultant and resource person to staff, parents, and students in identifying community resources.
19. Provide Principals and Superintendent with end of year report.
20. Provide Principals with delinquent list on immunizations.
21. Alert school administrators to health trends and problems.
22. Participates in in-service training programs, workshops, and continuing education to maintain professional status and license.
23. Provide written nursing care plans for student with significant health problems; and train personnel working with these students.
24. Act as a resource person in health education to school personnel, students and families.
25. Promote preventative and other self-care strategies for students, staff and parents.
26. Organize and implement immunization clinics to help parents/students comply with new state regulations concerning immunizations required for school attendance.
27. Assist wellness coordination with health projects for staff and students.
28. Administer vaccines to students with appropriate parent/guardian consent while following all “Vaccines for Children” program rules and regulations.
29. Promote and assist in the control of communicable diseases:
a. Monitor students and adult populations for communicable disease symptoms.
b. Educate students and staff in basic hygiene and on the use of Universal Precautions and OSHA regulations.
c. Coordinate care of communicable disease problems and the care of students or staff with immunosuppressive conditions.
30. Present or arrange presentations on health related issues to students and staff
31. Act as an advocate for the health needs and rights of students.
32. Provide health counseling, crisis intervention, and reference services in areas such as teen pregnancy, substance abuse, death of family members, suicide and child neglect or abuse when required.
33. Facilitate communication between the student, family medical provider, and the community.
34. Must drive from building to building
35. Perform other tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary by the administrator.

Sitting, standing, lifting and carrying (up to 50 pounds), reaching, squatting, climbing stairs, crawling, kneeling, and moving light furniture may be required.


1. Knowledge of safety, communicable and contagious diseases.
2. Current CPR certification.
3. Knowledge of Universal Hygiene Precautions.

Must know how to properly operate or be willing to learn to operate equipment including laptop computers, cellular phones, vision and hearing equipment, and other equipment as needed for emergency response. Must also be able to operate a vehicle to drive from site to site.

The work environment varies greatly in the place of work from solitary office work to working in school facilities with large numbers of people. School nurses are required at times to use very limited work areas. Must be able to work within various degrees of noise, temperature, and air quality. Interruptions of work are routine. Flexibility and patience are required. Must be self-motivated, well-organized, and able to complete job assignment without direct supervision. After hours work may be required. May make site or home visits when needed and appropriate. Job responsibilities include both inside and outside duties. Must be able to work with people in high stress situations and make critical, independent judgments under high stress and in life- threatening situations.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: As approved by the Superintendent

SALARY: As per district salary schedule

EVALUATION: Performance of the job will be conducted by the Principal

1. Professional Application
2. Letter of Interest
3. Resume
4. Copy of New Mexico Public Education Department School Nurse License
5. Current RN licensure by the State Board of Nursing

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Las Vegas City Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, age, sex, marital status or handicap in compliance with federal and state laws. This job description identifies general responsibilities and is not intended to be a complete list of all duties performed. This document is subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, program/curriculum changes, and unforeseen events.
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