Preparing for the month of May:

  • May 4 – Principal/Administrator Reentry Planning Meeting
  • May 5 through May 9 – Staff begins collecting information on students and staff displacement and situations
  • May 5 through May 27 staff and students may pick up hot spots contact Elaine Gonzalez at 505-429-6269, Mari Hillis at 505-429-3829 or John Tiernan at 505-426-4556
  •  Teachers: contact your Principals or vice versa establish their situation.
  • Monday post an asynchronous lesson even if we return in person on May 9th
  • If not in person on May 9thduring asynchronous lesson prepare lesson plans to teach online
  • Focusing on social emotional support first and then curriculum
  •  Principals, Counselors, Secretaries: contact every student at your site and establish their situation
  •  K-12 Site Principals may conduct Virtual Assemblies

Option 1 is what is planned for that day which is in person/online exception May 9

Option 2 is in person learning cannot take place lessons will be taught online

**Lessons are to focus on social emotional support and then curriculum

Monday  May 9

Tuesday May 10

Wednesday May 11

Thursday May 12

Friday May 13

1 Asynchronous

1 In-person/online

1 In-person/online

1 In-person/online

1 In-person/online

2 Online

2 Online

2 Online

2 Online

2 Online

If the student does not have the device, electricity or a place to partake they may pick up learning packets at Central Office or contact Central Office to make arrangements for packets to be delivered to the student until they are able to do so. (Packets will not be delivered to the evacuated areas)

Be patient as situations change frequently.


Creating a safe environment upon return:

  • Explain the new safety procedures and schedules to them. Site principal will conduct such assemblies.
  • Air purifiers will be placed in schools
  • Masks must be worn outdoors at all times
  • Custodians will also be trained and informed of the importance of keeping to the disinfecting schedules for the classrooms and the school as a whole. Classroom Environment /Safety

Classroom Safety:

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available in all classrooms.
  • Disinfectant supplies will be provided to each teacher and these supplies will be stored properly in a secure location within the classroom for use by the teachers and custodians only. These items will need to be monitored closely by an assigned individual
  • Regular resupply of masks will be provided
  • All school sites will follow their safety plans.  

Hybrid Procedures In-Person/ Online:

  • Students will be greeted and directed into the building. Students are required to walk directly to their respective classrooms. Adhere to bells.
  • Students will be greeted and directed to their classrooms as they enter the building. A schedule will be formulated for routines and consistency purposes as per building Principal.
  • Teachers need to be in their classrooms by the designated time to receive students and or online.  When in-person learning is taking place teachers must also be present online.
  • All students and staff will be required to wear masks outdoors. Indoors optional


Procedures for the Virtual Model Teacher:

Teachers and instructional staff will instruct from their classroom/home using a specific schedule when not in in-person learning or the teacher is not available in the city limits

 Virtually teaching Elem 7:30AM-3:15 PM     MMS/High School 7:45-3:30 P.M.

  • Attendance will be taken daily. Daily lessons required to be taught via google classroom according to the daily schedule. Follow up with students if they are displaced, then if not available an E will be placed for those students in the evacuated areas and communities.
  • A schedule will be formulated for routines and consistency purposes/Preps according to building site including duty free lunch.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers is available for support as well as SEL lessons in ingenuity (training has been provided already)

Procedures Virtual Model Students:

If students don’t have a device and are not capable of attending school learning packets will be available at Central office beginning Tuesday May 10

  • Log in daily 8:00 A.M./In order to be present student must remain on camera the entire session unless reported to the school and teacher if this is not possible
  • Follow daily schedule
  • If absent, parent or guardian must call in for excused attendance. If help is needed may call 505-454-5758
  • Handbook applies also to online learning


  • Students and bus drivers as well as attendants will be required to wear masks.
  • Routes will continue regularly when in person learning is taking place except for the areas in GO (Green Status)
  • Days that we are not in in-person learning, busses will deliver breakfast/lunch combo
  • Community serving sites will be at Sierra Vista and Robertson High School every day from 11:30-1:00 when not in school

Technology Classroom Instruction 

  • Teachers will teach using Google Classroom and Direct Instruction.
  • Every student will have their own Chromebook if not available one will be provided.
  • Assignments will be digital using approved LVCS Curriculum. 
  • Grades will be entered into PowerSchool.
  • Virtual events such as parent’s/family meetings, assemblies, and performances will be via Google Meets 
  • LVCS technology department will work closely with communities on providing hot spots and connectivity as well as computer devices for students. 

Students With Disabilities:

  • All students, including those with disabilities and those with underlying health conditions, please contact your Principal and case manager immediately.  As to adjust instruction accordingly.
  • However, special considerations and accommodations to account for diversity of needs should be made in collaboration with parents, teachers, and support staff.
  • Students whose parents and staff feel that increased in-person instruction would be more beneficial should be provided such opportunity. Please contact your building Principals and then the Special Education Director Thomas Trujillo 505-454-5717.