COVID-19 rapid PCR testing for staff/students

This is a shallow nasal swab. You will get your result within an hour. Testing will be available Monday-Friday at different sites across our district.   Testing requires that staff or parents (for their student) register using a QR code, see attached flyer for details.  A Paper version of the consent form can be made available for anyone experiencing technical issues.  Testing will be done on-site at your child's school.  Surveillance testing is done on a voluntary basis, once a week with a goal of testing 25% of our unvaccinated student population and is a requirement for any unvaccinated staff member. 

There are also new guidelines from NMPED. They have implemented a test to stay program for unvaccinated individuals. This means if an unvaccinated individual is a close contact to a Covid-19 positive individual in the school setting, they now have the option to test to stay. Anyone with exposure to COVID-19 in the household setting or outside the school setting is explicitly prohibited from participating in test to stay. If they decline to participate in test to stay, they will have to complete a 10 day quarantine before returning. To participate in test to stay, requires an individual to test negative on rapid COVID-19 tests on days one, three, and five and could include additional days as determined by the school nurse following exposure (day zero is the day of exposure).  When there is a delay in being notified of exposure, the testing sequence begins on the first day in which a school is notified of the exposure and the individual is in attendance. When a testing day falls on a day that schools are not in session, or a day that a student is absent, the testing sequence resumes on the subsequent school day. Failure to test (regardless of the reason) when the individual is at school on a required testing day terminates the test to stay for the individual and a return to quarantine at home for the duration of the quarantine period is required. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to your School Site Nurses, Tara Grano, Cathy Swedlund, and Vanessa Cordova. 

Thank you all for your hard work and cooperation!