New Mexico Public Education COVID-19 Response Toolkit - Updated April 21, 2022

The purpose of the updated COVID-19 Response Toolkit is to provide a framework, when implemented, that will allow for students and staff to safely return to in-person school for the 2021–2022 school year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of New Mexicans. The NMPED recognizes the importance of in-person
public-school learning for the academic, social and emotional growth of students as well as for the livelihood of families and the economic growth of the community.

Schools are encouraged to supplement the requirements of the Toolkit with any additional CSPs that, based on the conditions of the COVID-19 virus locally, are required to keep schools open and safe for staff and students.
Vaccination against COVID-19 remains the most important CSP for those eligible to receive the vaccine, and the DOH is providing vaccination events for interested schools.

Successful implementation of CSPs is contingent on students and community members understanding and supporting their implementation. In addition to family and community outreach in support of school safety,
schools will train students on CSP implementation and will post CSP signage for students and visitors to better
understand the requirements.
Source: New Mexico Public Education Department