Important Updates: 11/13/2020

  1. Las Vegas City Schools will remain in Remote Learning as planned.
  2. Staff will continue to work from home. Buildings will remain open.
  3. All previously identified Essential Employees must report to work.
  4. If interested in participating in a Cardinal Christmas please call 505-454-5700 or email Lou Anna Sena to
  5. The Thanksgiving meal for students will be served 11/19/2020.
  6. Grab and Go meals will be provided during the Thanksgiving break. The meals can be picked up on 11/24/2020 at the designated locations.
  7. Midterm for the 2nd grading period ends today, 11/13/2020.
  8. If you have questions regarding your child's grades, please contact the teacher and counselors.
  9. Progress reports will be mailed Tuesday, 11/17/2020.
  10. All in person athletic practice is cancelled until 11/30/2020.
  11. Google meets will continue for clubs and athletics.