Wi-Fi Hotspot Locations

Hello Parents and Students:


Las Vegas City Schools, in cooperation with several local entities, have setup an additional 7 locations around the Las Vegas Area for students to be able to access a Wi-Fi hotspot.  These locations are:


  • Tractor Supply Co. – 29 NM Hwy 518
  • Enchanted Hills Mobile Home Park – 2701 7th
  • Hanna Park – 445 Legion Dr.
  • Monte Vista Apartment – 500 Mountain View Dr.
  • Abe Montoya Recreation Center – 1751 N. Grand Ave.
  • PNM Building – 420 Railroad Ave.
  • Immaculate Conception Church – 811 6th

At these locations you will see a Las Vegas City Schools bus or other LVCS vehicle.  Park as close as you can to the vehicle and on your device you will see the following two wireless networks:


  • 4Ghz (better if you have to park far away as it has a longer range)
  • LVCS_Smartbus_5Ghx (better if you can park close as it has less interference)

After selecting one of these two networks, enter the password, “Cardinals!” to connect.

Also remember that we still have the following location available as well:


  • Old Memorial Middle School Parking Lot – 947 Old National Rd.
  • Robertson HS Marr Gym – 2nd St. Entrance
  • LVCS Administration Bldg. – 901 Douglas Ave.


Please note that Covid-19 restrictions are still in place so please maintain social distancing and other safety precautions.


Thank you,

Las Vegas City Schools Staff