Teacher Appreciation Activities

Celebrating Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!


Tuesday, May 5th - Red and White Ribbon Day

Tie a red and white ribbon around a tree, car antenna, etc. to show your appreciation to all our LVCS educators.


Wednesday, May 6th - Chalk the Walk Day

Use side- walk chalk to write a thank you note to your teacher. Take a picture and send it to them.

If you don't have chalk find another creative and colorful way to send your message.


Thursday, May 7th - Creative Cardinal Day

Educators are always encouraging students to be creative. Do an activity that shows your teacher your creative abilities creating a Cardinal send them a picture. Place your Cardinal in your home window.


Friday, May 8th - Kindness Day/ School Pride Day

Educators are the kindest people in the world, participate in one act of kindness. E-mail your teacher what you did and let them know your act of kindness in their honor. Show your love for your school and it's wonderful teachers.

Wear RED and WHITE!